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Bwild : Face Mask #StayHome (BF002-W)

セール価格 価格 150 ฿ 通常価格 単価  あたり 

Product details (White):

- 3 layer-mask

- The outer layer is pattern printed cotton (breathable fabric)

- The middle layer is muslin cotton fabric

- The inside layer is salu cotton fabric

- The mask is designed to be able to put a mask filter if needed

- With a wire around nose area, can adjust the shape, does not come off when speaking

- Coated with water reflection spray (can be washed 5 times). After that, it can be re-coated with water reflection spray for high protection.

- Adjustable cord, does not hurt the ears. When removed, it hangs around your neck.

- Washed and cleaned, ready for use.

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